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   This pond has a crazy paving edge at the front with natural stone at the back. The filter is hidden behind the waterfall.

   This shows how ponds can be fitted into all shapes of gardens and designs.

   This pond was built to replace a smaller pond which the fish had out-grown. The space was very limited so the pond had to be extended to the other side of the path. The bridge over the pond makes a very nice feature.

   This is a formal pond, slightly raised with a waterfall in the far corner. The filter system is hidden behind the waterfall.


   This shows the various stages of a large pond under construction. The two bottom drains feed the large filter system by gravity. The filter system was eventually housed in a partially sunken room which was decked on top to make another seated area to look down on the pond and take advantage of the surrounding views.

   These photos show a pond before and after our work. The old pond suffered from numerous problems, including a seriously leaking liner. At the client's instructions we replaced the old liner with a sturdy new liner, making good the bottom surface. We rebuilt the waterfall, including new liner and used a new natural stone rim for the pond.

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